I’ve known Aaron for more then 4 years.  I initially though he was the one for me but then he did this disappearing act and continued to come back and forth.  I like him and wanted things to work out but I can seriously see that he is not ready for what I want in life.  So why am I wasting my time????  I guess it’s because everyone I end up with it doesn’t go anywhere.  I want a relationship like my friends have.  Yet maybe that’s the problem i’m surrounded by people who are coupled up and i’m just alone.  I just want someone to love me like I can love them.

Cupid carries a gun

Oh where do I begin….. My life is still in shambles. I’m still living in my mothers house, I’m still broke as a joke, I’m still lonely.

I don’t understand why so many people can have long lasting relationships and I can’t.

I also am trying to put more effort into losing weight.