My Sacrifice

So what a week. I have to stop talking to the man of my dreams because he was married of course. I was talking to a few people on line dating site but seriously if I’m not really feeling you i’m not gonna move it further then a couple of conversations. I’m not giving out my number.

As for Aaron we have been having great sex over the past couple weeks but even I know the sex is a temporary fix for what I really want…. Love. He says all the right things in that moment but let truest analyze that. When were together he talks so much about Ho communication is the key but we have none. He answers every call and checks his phone when we’re together but it’s hours or days before he responds to my texts. And the final thing I’m just a number… After 4 years I’m not even saved in his phone. So I blocked him. Oh and were facebook friends “who wants to go to dinner with me???—-him” we have never done anything like that before. I’m tired of giving and I’m just giving.

That door is closed then there’s my fling form a while back sending me messages but I already know what his deal is. So that’s not gonna fly.

Legend of a cowgirl

I used to think of that song as my motto. I could have any man and keep it moving. But get this why does any man think he can have me? I’m never a side piece, home wrecker, or the woman you can run too when your wife is not who you want. So this guy, he makes my soul melt. I swear the way he looks at me is just omg the pow!!!! Lol!!! So for months I knew he was feeling me I even tried to push it off my coworkers even brought it up like he is the one for you, girl you have to get on that. Ha I finally gave in and reached out. Things were pretty good talking everyday then all of a sudden that little voice in the back of my head like hold up. To good to be true. Check it all out first. So my game of 20 questions in fact revealed the truth. This man is in a 10 year marriage. Not relationship but married. “Can we still be friends?” My first mind said yeah we can be friends but I had to reread that “FRIENDS”. Nope I can’t, I refuse to be the other woman the one you forsake your wife over. I could have loved him now I hate the ground he walks on and I feel bad for his wife because just because I said HELL NO doesn’t mean that chick before me or the one after will. Men are such dogs but like I said I’m making waves and walked right on away from him. Feeling proud of my self.

Motivation zero

With no motivation no ambition I know in general I am not myself. I know il never aspire to move forward with my life. At 30 I feel the walls closing in on me. I can feel it happening. Hell it has already begun. I have no motivation, I’m depressed to a point where if I don’t go to work I don’t do much more. I feel the most pain and hurt for my daughter, she deserves a happy mother and that’s not me. I’m not happy with my life. I wanted to lose weight, gain confidence move mountains, what a joke.

When it all looks good for me something knocks me flat on my face. My mother is my biggest life hinder. I sometimes wish I wasn’t born to her. She isn’t the right parent to help me grow. I can’t ask her for help because every time I asked her for advice she has sent me off the deep end. Sadly it’s like walking around blind sometimes.

I had from my family by working a lot. I don’t make enough money to run away but I’m working on it. I just want to get away. I’m trying to save to get my own apartment. I hope I can afford something real soon.